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For example, the base sodium hydroxide NaOH is both an ionic compound and an aqueous solution. However, aqueous solutions of acids have their own naming rules. Thus, an aqueous solution of HCl [designated “HCl aq “] is called hydrochloric acid, H S aq is called hydrosulfuric acid, and so forth..We now turn our attention to acid base reactions to see how the concepts of Explain the characterization of aqueous solutions as acidic, basic, or neutral .Active metals. Acids make litmus paper turn. red. Acids react with. bases to produce salts and water. Aqueous solutions of acids. conduct electricity. Bases taste..Reactions in Aqueous Solutions I Acids, Bases Salts. . Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Acids Bases. . The Arrhenius Theory. . The Brnsted Lowry . An aqueous acid I have corrected your spelling is an acid dissolved in water, i.e. a solution of an acid in water. The term “aqueous” is used in chemistry to refer to anything dissolved in water.. The easiest way to answer this is to say that acids and bases are aqueous solutions. Acidity, for example, is the concentration of H ions in .An aqueous solution is a solution in which the solvent is water. It is mostly shown in chemical equations by appending aq to the relevant chemical formula. An example of a hydrophilic substance is sodium chloride. Acids and bases are aqueous solutions, as part of their Arrhenius definitions..Aqueous Solutions. Mr. Causey discusses solutions, aqueous solutions, non .

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