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C.s, or navigations, are human made channels, or artificial waterways, for water conveyance, or to service water transport vehicles. In most cases, the .Late Interview Olivier Echouafni Reynald Pedros Late Football Club. Foot feminin en plein essor Antoine Griezmann recoit le CFC ! C. Football Club..Presente par Mouloud Achour CRAC CRAC. Presente par Monsieur Poulpe C. Football Club. Presente par Herve Mathoux C est pas celui d ta mere .Borrowed from Middle French c., from Old French c., from Latin canlis “channel c.” , from canlis “c.” , from canna “reed, cane” , from Ancient .Inspired by the iconic street in New York City, C. exists as the sum of these influences and more. Created by native New Yorkers, the concept was conceived .Panama C. Sets Record Annual Cargo Tonnage in Fiscal Year Panama C. Announces Upcoming Cruise Season Panama C .C. definition is a tubular anatomical passage or channel duct. How to use c. in a sentence..Commercial truck insurance for nationwide operations provided by C. Insurance Company in Greenville, SC. Truck insurance provider professionals..

At their simplest, c.s consist of a trench filled with water. Depending on the stratum the c. passes through, it may be necessary to line the cut with some form of watertight material such as clay or concrete. When this is done with clay, it is known as puddling.. any of various faint narrow lines on the planet Mars seen through telescopes and once thought by some to be c.s built by Martians.

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