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A hypotonic solution is any solution that has a lower osmotic pressure than another solution. In the biological fields, this generally refers to a solution that has less solute and more water than another solution. College Chemistry Help and Review Science Courses..Hypotonic solution A solution that contains fewer dissolved particles such as salt and other electrolytes than is found in normal cells and blood. Hypotonic .Hypotonic Solution Definition. A hypotonic solution is a solution that has a lower solute concentration compared to another solution. In aqueous solutions, this is caused mainly by the interactions that polar water molecules have on the solutes..Last Pages Viewed Hypotonic solution Definition The tonicity of a solution pertains to the osmotic pressure or tension of a solution, as in .Solution definition. A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. One of the substances is called a solvent a substance in which other .Looking for online definition of hypotonic solution in the Medical Dictionary? hypotonic solution explanation free. What is hypotonic solution? Meaning of .Define Hypotonic solution. Hypotonic solution synonyms, Hypotonic solution pronunciation, Hypotonic solution translation, English dictionary definition of .

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