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In this lesson, we ll be learning about supersaturated solutions. Here, you ll learn what a supersaturated solution is and how it is made. Then .Supersaturation is a state of a solution that contains more of the dissolved material than could be dissolved by the solvent under normal circumstances. It can also refer to a vapor of a compound that has a higher partial pressure than the vapor pressure of that compound..Define supersaturated solution. supersaturated solution synonyms, supersaturated solution pronunciation, supersaturated solution translation, English dictionary .Definition of supersaturated solution. A solution that contains a higher than saturation concentration of solute slight disturbance or seeding causes crystallization of excess solute. ” supersaturated vapor..The definition of a supersaturated solution is one which contains more dissolved solute than could ordinarily dissolve into the solvent..Kinds of Saturation, Definition. Saturated Solution, A solution with solute that dissolves until it is unable to dissolve anymore, leaving the .The term saturated solution is used in chemistry to define a solution in which no more solute can be dissolved in the solvent. It is understood that saturation of the .

Mobile A supersaturated solution is a solution with more dissolved solute than the solvent would normally dissolve in its current conditions. Supersaturation is achieved by dissolving a solute in one .Mobile A solution which is saturated with respect to double salt alone will be supersaturated with respect to .Mobile However, if the solution is heated, more solute can be added to create a supersaturated solution. The solution can then cool to room temperature, holding more solute than it normally could..

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