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An extraneous solution is a solution that arises from the solving process that is not really a solution at all! Specifically, whenever you raise both sides of an equation to an even power, you must check for extraneous solutions..In mathematics, an extraneous solution or spurious solution is a solution, such as that to an equation, that emerges from the process of solving the problem but is not a valid solution to the problem..About mathwords. website feedback. Extraneous Solution. Spurious Solution. A solution of a simplified version of an equation that does not satisfy the original equation..An extraneous solution is a root of a transformed equation that is not a root of the original equation because it was excluded from the domain of the original .What is an extraneous solution and in what cases do you get one? How do you know it is extraneous? I have a teacher asking this for College Algebra. Paul..Note that we define x = | x | so the only real number that satisfies your equation is ..Some of the solutions of problem B may be solutions of the original problem, but The ones which are not are known as extraneous solutions..

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